What are the pitfalls and obstacles in building a successful personal training career?

Unfortunately 6 or 12 weeks in personal trainer school is just not enough time to gain valuable hands on experience and other skills such as marketing and sales all necessary to meet the job market and consumer demands. In my opinion, there’s too much hype and glitter as seen at many of our trade shows and not enough basic commercial information about working with real every day clients who are nothing like the people you trained with on your course that could do everything and wanted to. The general public are not like that if they were they’d be personal trainers as well. If you want to attract high end clients, charge high end prices, then you’ve got to develop a high end service which is normally means specialising in one particular area. Good is not enough anymore. Chasing the next big fad, unrealistic career earnings as you start out, poor work habits, negative attitudes towards other personal trainers and life in general are other obstacles you must avoid.