What about job security?

An excellent personal trainer will always be in demand and never without clients. Competitively speaking, you will probably succeed by default. Studies consistently show that only 10% will make the required effort and sacrifice to achieve success; the other 90% will keep looking for excuses to fail.

If the personal training profession is so good, why do so many personal trainers leave the profession? Well there are many reasons – unrealistic career and earning expectations, lack of personal initiative and self-motivation, lack of objective information about the realities of sacrifices needed to succeed.

Other obstacles are offering too many varied services therefore being perceived as a generalist rather than a specialist, lack of quality business education in the areas of marketing and sales, lack of career guidance and chasing after the next big fitness qualification thinking that clients will come beating down their door to buy their services. These are just some of the reasons so many leave the profession. Far too many people leave the profession before they give it a chance. Building a career and personal training client base will take time, experience, patience, ongoing support and education, and a fierce determination to succeed. Sadly, far too many want to run before they can walk. Building a personal trainer career and business is a journey.

As you set out on your journey you will definitely encounter many peaks and troughs as you scale the ladder of success, learn from your mistakes. With smart hard work and a competitive spirit you will reach your goals.