Should I work in a gym or go freelance visiting people at home?

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Working in a gym such as a well known chain will normally mean paying some form of monthly rent. Normally there is either a free probationary period or reduced rent which is intended to allow you time to build up a client base before paying the full amount. Some advantages: a customer base available to market to, no buying of equipment and no travelling required apart from getting to the location, also you can schedule clients every 10 to 15 minutes so minimal down time. Some disadvantages possibly a low hourly rate once you’ve taken off your monthly rent, if you’re the last personal trainer in the facility the more established one’s may by default attract the majority of the business.

Freelance visiting people’s homes. Some advantages, increased hourly rate, no company policy to follow other than your own. Some disadvantages: potentially more down-time between clients, carrying equipment in from the car when it’s cold, wet and windy is not that much fun when you’re having to do it on a regular basis.