Should I consider buying into a personal trainer franchise or license?

This is a meaty question which a few paragraphs cannot possible do it justice. So here are just a few thoughts. Forget about the fancy name which unless it starts with Virgin, David Lloyds or Fitness First or something of that nature your potential clients will probably never have heard of it so don’t fall for a nice sounding name. Do they have a service that has produced specific results such as the ABC weight loss programme that has a load of client successes attributed to it? If it does the next question I would ask is, is it a system they can teach you? If the answer is yes to both those questions then you could be onto something, especially if it’s weight loss. Weight loss is by far the number one most requested service that personal trainers are asked for.

Other questions would be around the finances, terms and conditions, selection process, the training you’ll receive and after training support. Not an exhaustive list but something to think about. If you pick a good franchise or license it can accelerate your personal trainer career by 12 – 36 months as the majority of pitfalls and best ways of doing things will have already been thought through and should be tried and tested.