Do I really need a website?

No you don’t, but all of the most successful personal trainers I know have one. To begin with it doesn’t have to be an all ‘singing and dancing’ one, but having a basic website presence in my opinion is essential for the long-term success of your personal trainer career.

In closing…

I’ve tried to offer some advice and suggestions that will help you make informed decisions about developing a successful and profitable personal trainer career with high end clients paying you what you are truly worth as a personal trainer helping people to not only change their looks, but also boost their confidence levels and minimise their risk of unnecessary ill health what price would you put on that? Seek out other people’s opinions then make the decision that’s right for you. As you proceed on your journey to the next level; I urge you to continue to seek self-improvement and set higher standards for yourself. The higher your standards the higher the rewards for you and your clients.

The industry needs you; you represent the future and new breed of professionals. As one colleague to another, welcome to the personal training profession.