Would Maria Schwarzenegger Have Choosen YOU?

Would Maria Schwarzenegger Have Choosen YOU?

As sad as it seems you can learn something from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent alleged extra curricular activity.

If you haven’t heard or read the news ‘Arnie’ AKA ‘The Terminator’ has been allegedly playing away from home with a number of different women.

His wife is now seeking the help of a ‘CELEBRITY LAWYER’

Not just any old lawyer but a ‘CELEBRITY LAWYER’

Questions does a celebrity lawyer go to a special ‘celebrity lawyer training school’ which then allows them to call themselves this?

No, they’ve just choosen to take the same basic training as many other lawyers have and decided to specialise in a particular area in this case working with celebrities.

Do you think that a celebrity lawyer charges the same as any old lawyer?

Nope they charge more, way more because they’re specialist.

So what does this have to do with your Personal Trainer Business?

Well clients seeking to lose weight will invariably look for a ‘WEIGHT LOSS SPECIALIST’ or weight loss specialist service not just any old service, not just any old Personal Trainer.

Are you just any old Personal Trainer? Pedalling:

ü Personal Training
ü Bootcamps
ü Nutritional Advice
ü Pre & Post Natal
ü Sports Specific
ü Core Stability
ü Vibration Plate Training
ü Zumba
ü Kettlebells

Don’t get me wrong these are all valuable services but when a client is looking to achieve a specific result and pay good money don’t you think that they would rather work with a specialist?

If you are offering all of the above you will:

· Struggle to market yourself effectively
· Struggle to stand out from your competitors
· Struggle to retain clients
· Struggle to raise your rates
All because you’re a generalist and not a specialist it’s your choice, it’s your business.

Let me know your comments.

Kind Regards
Erak Simsson
PS: My next ‘How to create, market and sell your own successful & profitable weight loss programme’ is Sat 9th Jul