Traits For High Income Earning Personal Trainers

Do any of these traits, characteristics or beliefs apply to you?

It’s time to be completely honest with yourself, I would highly recommend that you print out the list below and check off any that do apply to you… and please be honest it will help you to move forwards.

  • I’m too old
  • I’m too young
  • My city / town is too small
  • The economy is bad nobody has any money
  • Only super wealthy people use Personal Trainers
  • I can’t sell
  • I can never sell Personal Training for £35 – £95+ per hour
  • I don’t want to be wealthy
  • I get stress out very easily
  • My clients are fuzzy
  • I think the Personal Training business is a big con
  • Personal Trainers can only make small amounts of money
  • I feel embarrassed about being a Personal Trainer
  • I have a hard time managing and keeping clients

________________________________ (fill in the blank with any not mentioned)

________________________________ (fill in the blank with any not mentioned)

________________________________ (fill in the blank with any not mentioned)

This might sound a little rough but it simply boils down to this, what you believe is what you attract. Think about the clients who manage to lose the weight and those that don’t often the only thing separating them is what they believe and act upon it’s the same for you and your Personal Training business.

Remember you get to create your very own reality.

No training workshop, seminar, technique or consultancy will work for you unless you first get a good handle on the ‘STORY’ you keep telling yourself about you, your Personal Training business and your own personal life.

Start to address these issues today. For each one of the statements that applies to you, start to create a list of things that you can say positively about the situation and focus on those things. Maintaining a negative mindset will not serve you well and in most cases is not accurate.

One final thought regarding this very important area of maintaining a ‘POSTIVE MINDSET’ avoid negative Personal Trainers like the plague they will only make things 10 times worse and enjoy doing it because they now have company.

As ever any feedback is most welcome.