Training Your Individual Safety

Possibly a bit of a mundane post nevertheless an important one I feel. The post possibly applies more to female Personal Trainers than male, no sexual bigotry is meant by this post.

If you are visiting a client at their home or office for the first time you may wish to take some necessary safety precautions. Below are some safety measures you may wish to use, the list is by no means an exhaustive one.

  1. Inform somebody of your whereabouts, for example give an address and contact number of the client you are seeing.
  1. Subtly inform the client that you have another appointment immediately after theirs; they will then know that somebody expects you elsewhere.
  1. Consider having somebody waiting out in the car for the first visit if the location is in a very remote area.
  1. Have a mobile phone with you and ensure that the battery is fully charged before you leave home with it.
  1. Have somebody call you on your mobile phone during the session, tell the client before the start of the session that you are expecting a call and make the necessary apologies. Whilst this is poor practice doing it as a one off I think is acceptable, but should not become the norm.

If you can think of any other safety tips let me know.