The Missing Link To More Personal Training Clients & Profit?

The Missing Link To Profits & More Clients?

The missing link in the vast majority of fitness education systems may be found in the failure of those organisations to teach their students HOW TO ORGANIZE AND USE KNOWLEDGE AFTER THE ACQUIRE IT.

Many Personal Trainers make the mistake of thinking once they’ve achieved their diploma, degree qualification that clients will start to suddenly appear.

Recently I had the good fortune to take on a newly qualified Personal Trainer at my studio. I say good fortune because he possessed just the right sort of personal attributes I was looking three of the main ones being:

1. A willingness to listen
2. A willingness to be coached
3. A willingness to take action

You’ll notice I didn’t mention things like:

– Experience
– Qualifications
– Or how many press ups he could do

This newly qualified Personal Trainer has just gone on to sell over £5,000 worth of business using a simple yet highly effect sales system I use to sell my we.ight programme. Remember he’s new to the industry and has already managed sell more in he’s first month than probably 90% of the experienced Personal Trainers in our area.

How has he managed to do this?

By following a very simple sales system, which I teach as part of my 1-day workshop ‘How to Create, Market and Sell Your Own Successful & Profitable Wei.ght Programme’

If you would like to know how you can take your existing knowledge and package it into programmes which you can also sell for £576 – £2000 plus then I would highly recommend you book yourself on to the next workshop which will be run Sunday 25th September from my studio in Salisbury.

This will probably be the last workshop I run in 2011 so if you want to position yourself to be able to sell £576 – £2000 programmes come January 2012 you won’t want to miss it. Here’s the link for more details:

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