The BIGGEST CHALLENGE For New & Experienced Personal Trainers… And it’s Solution

I hear this from trainers across the country; it has to be the biggest source of business frustration bar none other.

  • It has nothing to do with how or where they train their clients
  • It has nothing to d with choosing the right business name, logo or company formation
  • It has nothing to do with having the right qualifications
  • It has nothing to do with insurance cover or first aid
  • It’s NOTHING to do with ANY OF THAT!

The biggest challenge for all Personal Trainers is…


That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. That’s the number one challenge all Personal Trainers have whether they’re new to business or have been established for years. By the way it’s not just Personal Trainers that have this problem it’s the majority of small business.

In order to conquer this challenge you must be prepared to FOCUS on this one aspect of your business avoiding it is absolutely crazy.

Fact most Personal Trainers earn less than £800 per month from their business and I would venture to say that if some reading this blog even made close to that a month, they’d feel like they arrived in the industry.

In order to separate yourself from the 90% who struggle to £800 per month you must do things differently from the rest…

You’ve actually got to invest your time and effort into learning how to MARKET your business, SELL your services, and KEEP the clients you have, happy and content in your business.

Achieving this will take time and training and there are no overnight short cuts.

It going to take time on your part to actually learn what strategies will bring you new clients.

If you really think you can sustain your business on just 1 or 2 clients being referred to your business every few months, then you need look no further than your empty bank account.

Relying on that old faithful ‘WORD OF MOUTH’ is just not good enough and don’t believe any smug trainers that say that’s all they do, it very, very rare when this is the case. You must implement marketing strategies designed to bring you more new clients at a level you decide you need to sustain your business and the lifestyle you would like.

Don’t put off the action on learning how to market it’s going to be the most important thing you’ll ever learn how to do.

90% of all the problems you’ll ever come across in your business will be marketing problems and they are always solved by getting more new clients and retaining the ones you have.

Face up to the biggest challenge any Personal Trainer has new or seasoned veteran and start to learn how to market and sell effectively and efficiently.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.