The Advantages & Disadvantages of Being A One Person Fitness Professional versus A Franchise Fitness Professional By Erak Simsson Founder & Director of Coach Me Slim & Trim®

Why should you, a fitness professional who has spent hundreds (possibly thousands) of pounds on extensive training and personal development, consider buying into a weight loss franchise concept?

You shouldn’t if you can achieve the following criteria:

1. You have a better service than the weight loss franchise concept
2. You are able to get to market faster (more applicable to newly qualified)
3. You require less financial investment (don’t forget investment is long term)
4. You will be more profitable faster by yourself

If you can confidently say that you can meet the four criteria above my advice would be to read the book by Michael E Gerber, ‘The Emyth Revisited’ and then systemise your business so that if you want to you can either sell it as an ongoing concern or sell it as a weight loss franchise in the future.

Below is a table showing some of the perceived advantages & disadvantages of being a one person fitness professional versus a franchise fitness professional.

As I stated earlier you do not need to be part of a franchise to be successful, there are a number of personal trainers out there making a living as one man operators. The undeniable fact about franchising, even with any of it’s perceived disadvantages, is that it allows the franchisee to get on with focusing on profits and growth of their business rather than getting bogged down with graphic designers, web designers etc which can be time-consuming, frustrating and energy sapping.

Before you decide which way you would like to go assess your own personal strengths and weakness; not every personal trainer enjoys getting involved in designing marketing materials and websites and some would rather get on with the job of working with clients.

Make sure you request the franchisor’s information pack and see what they have to offer and then grill them.