Are You A Career Transition Dreamer That’s Heading For A Bloody and Broken Nose? And If You Are How To Avoid ItA

Becoming a Personal Trainer is a career change a lot of people dream about making, being paid for something you love doing – perfect!

Stage one – Pre training dreamer; you see trainers working with clients in your local facility, taking them for runs or operating from their own studios, you begin to dream ‘that could be me’.

Stage two – Research into training – you speak to various training providers and your dream is now a step nearer.

Stage three – Training – during training it’s fantastic learning all of this new stuff about how the body works, you can’t wait to be let loose on the world to start to impart all of this fantastic knowledge. You’re also surrounded by a group of equally motivated people on the course you feel motivated and can’t wait to get going.

Stage four – Twitchy bum time – your training is coming to an end and you’re going to have to leave the bubble of the class room and turn theory into reality

Stage five – The big launch – the business name, logo, stationery and website (not all trainers even bother – crazy) the leaflet drop, telling family and friends you’re open for business; great here come all those clients I’ve been dreaming about working with.

Stage six – The bloody nose – no phone calls, no clients, no money. Time to take some steps to correct this, your idea is more training courses; kettlebells, core conditioning advanced practitioner, advanced kinesiology and nutritional practitioner – getting these qualifications is bound to help me attract more clients.

Stage seven – The bloody and broken nose – still no clients, hundreds, possibly thousands of pounds spent and still struggling to find clients.

Stage eight – The economy is bad, this just does not pay as a career choice, back to your previous occupation.

Not my most motivational of posts but a sad reality for far too many aspiring Personal Trainers.

How do you avoid this situation from happening to you?

Start to invest your time and money in learning how to develop your business skills such as marketing and sales.

Investing in more fitness qualifications as a business-building strategy will guarantee you get a ‘Bloody and Broken Nose’

Get business SAVVY and see your client base and profits increase!