Offline Line Marketing To Integrate With Online Marketing

Example of Integrating Offline Marketing With Online Marketing

When you click the link below you’ll see a recent double page article about me delivering my Coach Me Slim & Trim® programme from my studio this post is not meant to be a brag it’s something you can use for marketing educational purposes.

What I would like you to do is pick up on a few simple pointers that maybe you can use when gaining media coverage yourself.

1. The use of before and after pictures (social proof sells)
2. Social proof also proves that you can get results, people want results
3. Some simple exercise pictures which don’t scare off potential clients
4. Quotes from existing client’s about their experience’s on the Coach Me Slim & Trim® programme one quote from a person’s who’s a surgeon extra credibility
5. The mention of my wall of ‘Fame’ a set of before & after pictures which line my walls as you walk up the stairs to the studio
6. The title that I use to differentiate myself from other Personal Trainers ‘Weight Loss Coach and Trainer’
7. The address of my facility, just an address people actually don’t really care about the name of your facility it’s about what you can help them achieve when they come to you.
8. The inclusion of my ‘FREE’ report driving offline readers online to begin the relationship and getting them into my marketing funnel, which operates 24/7 – 365 days of the year on automatic pilot.
9. Using the name of the programme Coach Me Slim & Trim® this indicates that there is a system to follow and guess what it’s only available from my studio which means I’m never having to compete on price. When you just sell blocks of 5, 10, 20 plus sessions that’s all your selling so price becomes a factor.

So just click the link below and put this stuff in your ‘SWIPE FILE’ for future use. Any feedback is most appreciated. On yes just one last thing the cost to have this much paid for coverage in this magazine would I believe run into many hundreds possibly a thousand or more plus.


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Erak Simsson