How To Set Up An Automated Lead Generation System

First let’s just remind ourselves what lead generation is.

Basically you are trying to turn people ‘SUSPECTS’ the people you think may be interested in your program or services into ‘PROSPECTS’ and then converting them into ‘HOT LEADS’ and eventually ‘CLIENTS’ and finally ‘REFERRAL SOURCES’ after you’ve done an excellent job with them.

Before getting into the five steps I should just point out why it’s worth going through this process a process that 80% of Personal Trainers will never even consider let alone try to implement.

People buy from people they ‘Know, Like & Trust’ setting up this systems gives them a chance to get to know, like and trust you. Without it you’re simply hoping that when somebody visits your site their either going to call you immediately to get started or they’ll book mark your site and re-visit. Let me tell you both these situations are RARE, which is why the top 20% of Personal Trainers have in place the system I’m about to outline to you, trust me it will pay off in the long run financially many times over.

So here are the five basic steps you need to have in place:

1. Niche

You must have a ‘NICHE’ market you are trying to target, this will help you craft a strong marketing message that this audience is likely to respond to.

2. Free Gift Delivered Electronically Over The Internet

This can be a written report, top tips or an online course basically something which your target audience will perceive as being valuable to them, something which they may even consider purchasing. An example might be a ‘Free 7 Day Online Weight Loss Introductory Course’. I will discuss some of the key components of your free gift in future posts.

3. Landing Page or A Specific Area On Your Website Promoting The Free Gift

A landing page simply put is a single web page with one specific call to action, in this case it would be to download or sign up for your free gift. Alternatively you could have a sign up box positioned in a prominent place on your website.

4. Lead Capture Software

Lead capture software is the coding that sits behind the sign up box that captures your visitors details when they enter them into the boxes typically first name and primary email address. I would recommend AWEBER as your lead capture software.

5. Follow Up Emails

Once you’ve captured your visitors details the have now entered into your ‘MARKETING FUNNEL’ to use marketing speak. Once there in your funnel you can continue to email them with useful tips and information that will help them achieve their goal. Don’t be afraid to give away good stuff more on this in future posts.

Yes this system takes time effort and a willingness to educate yourself on the various steps but once you have this in place you will stand out from 80% or more of the Personal Trainers in your area and most importantly give your ‘PROSPECTS’ a reason to contact you without the fear of been sold to right from the get go.

Let me know how you get on or if you have any questions about setting up this system.