How To Quickly Establish Yourself As An Expert With No Experience Six Simple Things You Can Do

Have ever noticed that ‘Experts’ get paid more, are invited to speak at public events and generally seem to attract a lot more attention than the generalist?

Does becoming an expert in a particular area mean you only train that particular type of client? No it simply means you’ll find it a lot easier attracting a particular type of client and on the back of that you’ll probably attract others. You’ll then find yourself in the enviable position of being able to pick and choose who you work with.

Here are six simple things you can do to quickly establish yourself as the ‘Expert’ in your chosen area.

  1. Write Articles
  1. Give Talks
  1. Do Interviews
  1. Run Workshops
  1. Comment on Newspaper Stories
  1. Give Away Free Top Tips In A Report

Belief it or not even with no experience you can quickly raise your profile ‘Head and Shoulders’ above experienced Personal Trainers in your area and be perceived as the ‘EXPERT’ which can lead to more clients paying you more per hour than your competitors.

Don’t be afraid to stand out as your areas expert in your chosen area, just be aware that other trainers will try to ‘Shoot You Down’ this is born out of envy. PS Don’t rely on Personal Trainer Courses to make you stand out as an expert.