Fitness Professionals Important Do’s and Don’t When Considering A Franchise

By Erak Simsson Founder & Director of Coach Me Slim & Trim®

A Few Initial Thoughts

If you are in the market for a franchise you will notice that franchisors tend to adopt a variety of approaches to selecting potential franchisees. Some will be very choosy because they have a very popular and successful brand.

Other companies with a less well-known brand or concept will naturally attract fewer enquires. This does not necessarily mean that their franchise offer is any less valuable. All successful franchise networks had to start off at some point as unknown business. And getting in early can mean less competition and better returns. However there will inevitably be greater risks when dealing with a less-established franchise concept.

Franchisors that are growing quickly will be focused on attracting good quality franchisees fast. This should not however compromise their selection process they should still maintain their high standards. Be cautious if the person you are talking to seems desperate or tries to manipulate you through high pressure sales tactics such as ‘if you don’t sign up now you are going to miss out on a ground floor opportunity’ Some franchisors need to sell the franchisees or they themselves don’t survive.

Understand What Their Recruitment & Training Process Is

Once you have decided who will feature on your short-list of potential franchise systems that are of interest to you, find out the franchisor’s recruitment & training process. Most bona fide franchisors will have a structured process leading from the initial meet up through to advanced talks and training process and dates for training available and will be pleased to explain the whole process.

Once you have determined that the franchisor has a legitimate recruitment and training process, and you are comfortable with what you have heard about the company, you then need to go through a mutual screening process. This is where you and the principle franchisor or a representative get to find out a little about each other to see if there is a good fit. Before signing any agreements you need to meet personally with the franchisor to review and make any final judgements or ask any final questions, the franchisor will be doing exactly the same.