Did You Know Nobody Cares About Your Qualifications? Sorry But It’s True

Please don’t get me wrong I think qualifications are important to have and I think the training which is now offered compared to say 10 – 15 years ago is much improved especially in the area of functional exercise.

All that said it still remains that the average person you’ll be working with will never have heard of half of the training provider organisations. Sure training providers will tell you that they are the industry leaders etc etc and they may well be, but ‘Joe Public’ really doesn’t care. What they care about is can you actually help them achieve their goals, that’s it.

The reason I’ve written this post is because I hear about and see first hand Personal Trainers that try to use the qualifications as a major part of their marketing promotional material along with a good helping of their own personal self indulgence i.e. ‘I’ve competed in the Ironman Triathlon’ So What!

When you’re marketing your services it has got to be about ‘what’s in it for me’ from a clients prospective, seeing a list of qualifications and your own personal success simple does not make the right connect especially if you’re trying to help over weight people, it will more than likely just turn them off.

By all means display your qualifications in your studio or as part of your service presentation but give priority to focusing on what’s in it for your potential clients when you’re filling up your marketing literature.