Dangerous Questions for Personal Trainers

Do you ever wonder things like…

Do I have what it takes to be a successful
personal trainer?

Will people really pay me to train

Do I have what it takes to make it in
the personal training business?

Will I ever get my marketing ironed
out enough to get all the clients I need?

If you ever wonder these sorts of
things, you’re not alone. Most personal trainers do.
I certainly did too. But…

If you are asking yourself these sorts
of things, you’re asking the wrong
questions. Instead of “Do I have what it
takes to be a great personal trainer?” ask…

“Are there people in the world that need
help?” and…

“Can I be of support to people who need
help?” The truth is that right now in your area
there are people suffering with
these sorts of issues related to carrying excess body weight and been unfit. There are..

Lack of confidence issues

Poor self esteem issues

Feelings of discomfort both mental and physical when asked to carry out the most basic of physical tasks

Worried that they’ll never find a partner or maybe lose one

Feelings of desperation and being helpless

*** An endless list ***

The list of people in your area that
want change is endless and that’s what we do-
help people make changes! As personal trainers that’s
our specialty. And…

The *name personal trainer* does
25% of the work for us. Just the act of a
client hiring us, making a financial
investment, and meeting with us regularly
for several months will get the shift to start
taking place and in some cases will get the
change to happen all by itself.

Regardless of what you do as a personal trainer
during those exercising and coaching sessions, you’ll be
making a difference just by getting hired
and showing up!

For example, I just hired an admin secretary
and I purchased her 6 month package
instead of the pay per session or pay for
2 months options. Why?

Yes, it was a little less expensive that
way, but the real reason was because I know
that if I pay a serious amount, I’ll be more
serious about making the administration
changes I want.

Within reason whatever my admin lady does within
my office it almost doesn’t matter as I know it’s going to be better than what is currently in place. As long as she
shows up and gets me working on my administration systems
every week I’ll get further along than if
I’m left to my own devices. Anything else
is a bonus.

*** The Bottom Line ***

You can make a big difference as a personal trainer
and the people in your area really need you. Stop
questioning yourself, and start helping

“Let’s get people coached and trained!”

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