You Bring The Desire And Willingness To Learn And I Will Show You How To Build A Personal Trainer Business That Generates Over £25,000 Per Year …Guaranteed!

Imagine Being Shown In 1 Day The Exact Blueprint With Specific Practical Action Steps You Need To Take To Accelerate Your Earnings To Over £25,000 Per Year Doing What You’re Passionate About!

Did You Know A Staggering 90% Of Newly Qualified Personal Trainers Quit After Just 3 – 9 Months Without Even Earning The Cost of Their Training?
A 90% failure rate may seem high but is quite understandable when you consider the majority of people qualifying as personal trainers have little to no previous business experience.

Erak Simsson

Personal Trainer ‘Living In The Real World’ Dealing With Real Issues

Hi. I’m Erak Simsson, a former Army Physical Training Instructor, (click here to read full Bio) I now lead a team of personal trainers that specialise in weight loss and fitness. In addition to this I have created the ‘PT Business Kick Start Workshop’ which is run from one of our private studios.

“One of my key reasons for attending the workshop was a follow up from meeting Erak at a PT Business Boot Camp in London.  Unfortunately on the day I didn’t really get enough time with Erak but he made an impression on me very much about been there, done it, quite a lot of experience and from my point of view that is why I travelled over 300 miles to attend the workshop to learn from somebody that has developed programmes. It’s just given me a real kick start, a massive benefit.”
Dave Austin – Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
“The workshop definitely met my expectations.  It’s given me a lot of information that I didn’t know, I think this workshop would be valuable for anybody who is looking to be a PT because you do your course and you need to have a focus on where to go next.
It can be a frustrating, demoralising and financially disastrous trying to build a personal trainer business when all you have is your qualification and no ‘real world’ personal trainer business experience. How do I know? I’ve been there and tried it!
You’re reading this now because you realise that there is no such thing as overnight success. Instead you’re looking for something which will help you package, market and sell your personal trainer knowledge at the right price, to the right people in a consistent way that enables you to build a successful business that pays you well regardless of the economic climate.”
Abigail Clarke – In Training
“I’ve been qualified about five months, now generating over £480 a week.”
Caerey Ball – Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
“I attended the workshop to get a better idea in marketing skills. I wanted to have a bit of a heads up on marketing.  I didn’t really want to waste time in going down the wrong routes.  It was really an idea of getting put on the right track. I feel that it’s given me some great ideas. My main takeaway point is most definitely having a quick start in marketing; I won’t be wasting the money that I would have done potentially.”
Crispian Filler – In Training

The first thing I’d like to let you know is that I only specialise in helping personal trainers who wish to work within the weight loss market. I don’t work with dentist, chiropractors, masseurs etc. This means I focus on providing 100% accurate and practical information, tools and systems geared towards developing your business in this area quickly and efficiently.

Just one of the many reasons why personal trainers fail, even those that seek business coaching support and attend workshops, is because the information they’ve received only gives them a small part of the successful business blueprint.

For example you attend one workshop which speaks about ‘identifying your ideal client’ another one talks about how to package your services, or it may be how to design your website to capture leads and follow up with them, and let’s not forget about blogging, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter…. The list goes on.  The problem is having attended all of these workshops you’ve then got to try and piece all of this stuff together!

The ‘PT Business Kick Start’ workshop brings all of the pieces together in just a matter of hours! 

“Well I’m a PT of getting on for fifteen years now.  I did a sports science degree, trained with Premier way back when but was seriously lacking the business support having graduated and for fifteen odd years I have been hammering and foraging and trying to make the business work and coming to see you today and seeing this programme unfolding has been invaluable because I can see packaging up personal training as a product to sell to clients.  It’s fantastic, really good. If you don’t come and do something like this, I guarantee that you are going to spend what, ten or fifteen years trying to do it, getting small ideas and thinking ‘yes, I’ll try that, I’ll try that’.  If you don’t come to something like this, if you don’t see it folding out in front of you, you are going to try but I guarantee that you will keep slipping up.  Just try and think about it in terms of personal training.  If your clients try and can’t do it on their own, why do they keep slipping up because they don’t get that advice?  It’s exactly the same for us coming here.  It just shows it all unfold, it’s brilliant.”
Jamie Aspin - Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
“Well my background is in the fitness industry but more to do with gyms.  I’ve worked in managing gyms, opening gyms, small to medium sized clubs throughout the UK probably over a period of, over the last fifteen years. From my own experience of working in the gym industry I know there are people that have worked running their own gyms for a long time, they actually have no real clear idea of how to maximise their income and I think the same holds true for the personal training industry, there are an awful lot of PTs out there who are working very hard but just not doing it in a particularly focused way, I think there is a great deal to be said for working in the way that you’ve outlined to us today.”
Matthew Woods - Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
“Well if I had just qualified, and done this workshop seven years ago, it would have made my life a lot easier.”
Robbie Linsell - Reps level 3 Personal Trainer

Do not misunderstand me. I’m not saying you’re not going to have to work hard, you are. But when you’re given a complete business blueprint which focuses on one specific area – weight loss – with all of the materials, templates and systems geared towards one specific area it’s going to make life a lot easier for you to build a £25,000 a year plus personal trainer business and that’s what the ‘PT Business Kick Start Workshop’ will help you achieve.



“I can see where I can start from in order to get to that final goal and have something that is more tangible for people.”
Sara Stafford-Williams – Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
“I’m really impressed with the way you’ve packaged everything.  It’s all very professional, all your marketing materials, the way it’s been put together.  It’s really good; it’s given me lots of ideas.”
Sarah Brookes – Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
“The workshop definitely met my expectations.  I feel more confident now in going forward with the action plans that Erak has given me and it has created a structure for me to work with.
Sars Obaka – In Training
“I really needed information on marketing and selling my business. The workshop was a well-structured day broken up into small practical sessions. . I would say to any personal trainer thinking about doing the workshop definitely go to it if you’re wanting to build a successful business, you can take away so much information it really gets you thinking about what you want to achieve!”
Rachel Paxton – In Training
PT Business Kick Start Workshop

The PT Business Kick Start workshop has been designed to give you a step-by-step systems driven approach to building a profitable personal trainer business serving the weight loss market which is the most requested service delivered by our profession.

Won’t My Personal Training Qualification Provide
All The Business Training I Need?

Once you stop and really think about what you’ve been offered by the many different training providers it boils down to them giving you specific knowledge and techniques to protect the public from dangerous practices and ensuring that you work within a set of safe and recognised guidelines. And for achieving this you’re allowed to insurance yourself and set up as a personal trainer.

Please don’t get me wrong, training providers will offer you some business training, possibly an interview with a gym chain, but in terms of in-depth business building skills they simply haven’t got the time to teach you this stuff. 90% of your personal training course is designed to ensure you’re safe when working with members of the public; it’s not designed to give you the skills to build a business.

“This is completely different.  You know when you are on a fitness instructor, personal trainer course, they give you the general information, they teach you how to personal train people, they give you general nutrition but nothing like this workshop.  This workshop brings it all together as a standalone weight loss package which I’ve never come across anything like this before.  This is a kind of one in a million if you like.”
Tony Marke - Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
“One of the common mistakes made by personal trainers when trying to build their business is to add more and more fitness qualifications to their already bulging numbers. They do this in the hope that ‘if I just get my ‘Advanced’ certificate that will have people beating a path to their door requesting their services’ sorry it just doesn’t work like that in the real world. It’s going to take more than a PT Diploma with distinctions to get the phone ringing!
I’ve been in the industry for 4 years and I have developed a weight loss programme which was working.  It’s not working as well as yours and I wanted to see where I could improve mine and where my potentially downfalls were.
From my experience, finishing the PT course, you are on the first rung of the ladder, you definitely, definitely need to keep building on your knowledge and coming on something like this.  It’s priceless.  You are not going to earn enough money from knowing what you know from finishing a PT course to what you can learn on a marketing workshop.”
Kevin Dobson - Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
Who Should Seriously Consider Attending The
 PT Business Kick Start Workshop?
  • Not Yet Qualified – You are considering entering the profession but are not yet qualified. This workshop will put you at least 12 – 24 months ahead of 90% of the personal trainers that will graduate this year and that have ever graduated.
  • Recently Qualified – You are finding things are just not happening the way you expected them to. This workshop will enable you to package, market and sell the knowledge you currently have with no need for another fitness course anytime soon.
  • Experienced PT – You’re a seasoned campaigner with an existing client base and you’re just looking at ways to better package what you’re already offering and looking for ways to move away from the old redundant model of just selling blocks of 5 or 10 sessions which you have to continually re-sell every few weeks. Instead you’ll be shown how to sign clients up for high end packages ranging from 3 months to 12 months and beyond all paying by standing order so no more chasing money and providing you with a predictable monthly cash flow.
About The Workshop – unlike a lot of personal trainer workshops where you can be packed in with several dozen other people and feel as though you’re just another number being given some general info without any real chance to ask questions, this will not feel like that. The numbers are kept small which will allow you to ask questions that are specific to your situation and get specific answers back.
 PT Business Kick Start Workshop – What You’ll Learn:
  • How to –  package and price your personal trainer knowledge in a way that positions you as the obvious go-to expert in your area.
  • How to – attract your ideal clients using automated online methods and cost effective offline methods which provide you with a steady flow of enquiries. These methods work whether you’re gym based, freelance or a studio owner.
  • How to – make your marketing literature position you as the trusted go-to expert for weight loss and fitness in your area. 90% of your local competition will not have even thought about doing the things you’ll learn.
  • How to – get the wheels in motion as quickly as possible after you’ve attend the workshop. Nothing is going to happen without some effort and you’ll be guided through a 6 week action plan to get you off to the fastest start possible, no point hanging around you want to start earning or increasing your income !

One More Really Big Thing!
I know that there are several business coaches out there offering personal trainers business coaching to build their client base and business; some good, some bad and some just ugly!

Here’s the thing, often you’ll be asked to invest hundreds even thousands of pounds before you actually get to see the big picture of what it’s going to take financially and time frames to build your business which I believe is a real problem.

Here’s why…

…You can’t properly budget your money, time or utilise any existing resources you may already have. Not knowing these things can have a negative effect on your confidence and be disastrous to your long-term success.

Don’t Worry…

…Once you’ve attended this workshop you’ll be able to:
  • Budget for things like client support materials, marketing materials, website creation or enhancement. Knowing this means you won’t over spend and run into financial difficulty.
  • Plan a realistic time line of how long things are going to take before they are fully completed and ready for the market place i.e. flyers, website etc.
  • Use any existing resources or skills you may already have to keep costs down during your initial start-up or growth phase, why spend extra when you may not need to?

So What’s the Investment?
If I were to coach you one to one for a day to learn all of this valuable information your investment would be £800 plus VAT.

I considered charging £597, but understand you need to feel completely comfortable with your investment of time and I also like to over-deliver so the investment for the workshop is…


Now if you’re reading this with a skeptical mind this workshop is probably not going to be a good investment of your time so you shouldn’t attend.

If however you believe what you’ve read makes complete business sense to you then I will be delighted to see you on the next scheduled workshop.

“If you are looking to offer weight loss within the market, then definitely do this workshop.  As I say, there is nothing out there quite like this and this brings it altogether into one standalone package.  My advice would be to definitely do it, absolutely.”
Tony Marke - Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
“It’s a no brainer.”
Caerey Ball – Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
“Well I think investing in your time in a workshop like this gives you an added advantage over everyone else that is coming out from the same kind of courses that you have just finished.  It gives you that extra bit of business skill which is only a tiny part of the personal training diplomas. The workshop’s not just ‘oh, here’s your marketing mix’, it’s actually something tangible that you can take away, you can adapt to your own way of working, your own kind of philosophy on fitness and weight loss so it’s definitely invaluable.”
Sara Stafford-Williams – Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer

Yes, Erak. I really want to discover how to build a Successful Personal Training Business.

Hurry! Limited Spaces Available.

I sincerely hope that you decide to make the small investment of time only required to attend the ‘PT Business Kick Start’ workshop. You’ve read what newly qualified and seasoned veterans have had to say about the workshop, and I firmly believe that by attending this workshop you can save yourself not only a lot of potentially wasted time and money but also boost your income to levels you may not have even considered were possible! The choice is yours.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Kind Regards,
Erak Simsson

PS: Don’t forget this workshop is backed my  100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE  YOU have nothing to lose and just a thriving Personal Training business to gain!




“Like-minded people looking to doing the same thing, I would definitely recommended it.”
Sarah Brookes - Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer